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We check out: Switzerland

This month we were invited to Switzerland courtesy of the Swiss Tourism Board. We went specifically to find new experiences and different tiwsts to our existing ones. So let's take another look at of chocolate and good time keeping and we think you will be surprised with what we came up with.

Some of the experiences include

Watch making and private visit to Gruebel Forsey - one of the Worlds most exclusive watchmakers only making 100 time pieces per year.

Art & Culture trip to Basel

Summer Visit in the Alps - perfect for families and children with clean lakes, warm temperatures and plenty of outdoor activities to keep you all busy.

The Infamous Gstaad Palace

We don't take other's peoples word for it - we check it out ourselves. That's why our clients love us as we really do go the extra mile and make them feel individual. Besides we are perfectionists and no details is left untouched.

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