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Journey through Andalusia: A Costa Del Sol Adventure

Why do we go on Field Assessment Trips (FAMs)? It's not just a fun vacation—it's a smart way to make sure we recommend the best places to you. These trips let us check out hotels, experience destinations, and learn all the interesting details firsthand. So, when we suggest a place, it's not just a guess; it's based on our own adventures to make sure your trip is fantastic!

Our adventurous team went on an exciting familiarization trip (FAM) to the Costa Del Sol, unveiling the secrets of luxurious accommodations and culinary delights. Join us as we explore the sunny landscapes of Southern Spain, discovering the hidden gems that await.

Catalonia Ronda Hotel - Where Tradition Meets Modern Elegance

Our journey begins at the Catalonia Ronda Hotel, a charming 4-star boutique hotel with a rich history. This city-center gem has 31 rooms with dark woods, traditional antiques, and grand four-poster beds, creating an atmosphere of pure luxury. As we explored the labyrinthine corridors, the rooftop terrace revealed a panoramic view of the Andalucian mountains and the oldest bullfighting ring in Spain.

The rooms, like a symphony of comfort, housed dark and spacious interiors. Room 303, a sanctuary with a view, offered a separate sitting area, a spacious bathroom, and a view over the bustling main road and the iconic bullfighting ring. For breakfast, they serve a variety of delicious options, including vegan dishes,  continental delights, and a Bloody Mary/Mimosa bar.

La Donaira - A Biodynamic Retreat in Andalusia

La Donaira emerged as an exceptional biodynamic concept. Set against the Andalusian hills, this farm-to-table haven, with its nine individually designed rooms, epitomized barefoot luxury. We marveled at The Grand Deluxe Suite, Priam, and the charm of its open-plan design. The traditional farmhouse, decorated in elevated simplicity, unfolded like a cherished storybook. There are also cozy reading corners with access to a library. This place truly feels like home.

The biodynamic farm, a poetic harmony, whispered tales of sustainability. From the vegetable gardens enriched with wagyu cow compost to horse riding lessons, La Donaira encapsulated a holistic experience. The spa, a sanctuary with a heated pool, hammam, sauna, and ice plunge pool, invited us to stay and enjoy luxurious comfort.

Gran Melia Don Pepe - A Beachside Symphony

Guided to the shores of Gran Melia Don Pepe, a luxurious 5-star retreat on the famous Golden Mile. The lobby, a glimpse of luxury, welcomed us to the Red Level rooms, where the modern beach house decor provided a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The outdoor and indoor pools, spa retreat, and sophisticated lobby bar painted a picture of indulgence.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, we were invited to a delightful breakfast on the Veranda in the Tropical Gardens. The stylish main bar, with its Art Deco design, treated us to a touch of elegance. Yet, the evening serenade took an unexpected turn with a live cover band, adding a note of surprise to the symphony.


Marbella Club - Elegance Beyond Imagination

The Marbella Club, a place of unmatched elegance, went beyond our expectations. This luxurious property, nestled in tranquility, beautifully blended Moorish and Asian design, maintains a modern charm. The beach club, with a touch of 50's Hollywood glam, hinted at the property's rich history.

For VIPs seeking utmost privacy, there's an exclusive 8-bedroom property, known as "the palace," not available for online viewing. We also inspected a three-bedroom villa, perfect for extended family stays, with a large living area, private outdoor pool, upstairs nook, fully equipped kitchen, and a potential butler service.

The kids' club is truly exceptional, showcasing a sophisticated and ecological design with a soothing palette of wood and white—no typical bright colors or plastic in sight. From a mini stainless steel kitchen for cooking lessons to a dedicated area for gardening, reading, arts, crafts, music, dance, and even creating personalized scents, it offers a world of engaging activities.

The Principe Alfonso suite has a traditional, bohemian, and yet glamorous decor. As a unique suite, this would be for a client with a certain aesthetic. It’s exceptionally luxurious but still manages to feel like you are at home away from home.


Puente Romano - A Resort Town within a Hotel

We were surprised by the vastness of Puente Romano, a resort that felt like a town. With 20 bars, 5 pools, and lots of amenities, it exudes charm. The Grand suite with kitchen and the Deluxe junior revealed a modern Andalusian décor, perfect for families and groups.

Nobu Hotel, a realm within Puente Romano, is known for its exclusivity. The sleek design, separate reception, and private pool heightened the sense of luxury. The sense of being a hotel within a hotel melted away as we glimpsed the Nobu Junior Suite, a haven of Japanese design.

Boho Club - A Playful Oasis on the Golden Mile

We were introduced to Boho Club, a 5-star boutique gem with a relaxed bohemian vibe. Located on the Golden Mile, its layout and proximity to the main road felt like a Californian motel. The Two Bedroom Superior room, though small, radiated art-deco chic, promising a cozy base for younger guests seeking both relaxation and adventure.


Palacio Solecio - Malaga's Urban Retreat

We were introduced to Palacio Solecio, an incredibly stylish boutique in the heart of Malaga. The blend of modernity in an old palace created a captivating story. The Solecio Junior Suite showcased the hotel's dedication to elegance, welcoming us into a world where history and modern luxury harmonized beautifully.





Gastronomic Delights and Cultural Explorations

Our gastronomic journey took us to different places, from the vineyards of Cortijo Los Aguilares to the seafood haven of Lobito de Mar. La Donaira's farm-to-table lunch and Boho Club's cooking experience became cherished memories. Balausta, within Palacio Solecio, emerged as a culinary masterpiece, epitomizing traditional regional dishes elevated to art.

Guided walks through Ronda, Marbella, and Malaga enriched our souls with history, art, and culture. Olive oil tasting at Palacio Solecio, a sensory experience, deepened our connection to Andalusia's rich traditions.

As the sun set over the Costa Del Sol, our journey ended, leaving behind echoes of luxury, cultural richness, and culinary wonders. This trip unfolded a variety of experiences, encouraging travelers to enjoy the charm of Andalusia's Costa Del Sol.


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