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The Fixer Group supporting ISEF Foundation 43rd Anniversary Online Auction, founded by Lily Safra

The Fixer Lifestyle Group are delighted to support the ISEF Foundation 43rd Anniversary Auction to take place in New York in August 2020. We will be donating a concierge service to ISEFs donor to be enjoyed by the winning bid. ISEF works with numerouns HNW benefactors and donors for the benefit of their foundation.

About ISEF

ISEF’s mission is to empower extraordinary individuals of underserved backgrounds and top academic merit to reach their highest potential, igniting positive change in Israeli society. ISEF adopts a holistic, transformative approach that nurtures the best of Israel’s youth. The mind, soul, and environment of each individual are cultivated, producing the highest return on investment for Israel. ISEF Founders Lily & Edmond J Safra

ISEF was founded in 1977 by Edmond J. Safra (z”l), his wife Lily Safra, and Nina Weiner in response to the plight of Israel’s immigrant communities, who were living on society’s margins.  ISEF’s founders had the vision that transforming these communities would only be possible through expanding access to higher education for their children.

Israel's single greatest natural resource is the minds of its young people. Through its unique programs, ISEF opens the doors to higher education each year for more than 400 promising young Israelis from underserved and immigrant communities throughout Israel.

New York, July 08 2020


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