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Eurostar Agreement Renewal - another year of train escapes to Europe

We are delighted to inform you that The Fixer Lifestyle Group has renewed its agreement with the high-speed rail service Eurostar.

Eurostar connects the United Kingdom with France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and other destinations in Europe (with an easy change in Paris, Lille or Brussels).

The uniqueness of Eurostar is in that the trains travel through the Channel Tunnel - the 50.46-kilometre long railway tunnel. It is the only fixed link between the island of Great Britain and the European mainland. Hop on a train in London St. Pancras after lunch and find yourself relaxing in a Parisian bistro by lunchtime, avoiding the fuss of an airport - this is a new way of travelling.

With the renewal of our agreement, The Fixer aims to continue providing its clients the best conditions for travelling to accomplish business and leisure activities, while never stopping living new experiences.


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